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Tuesday, October 03, 2006

When technology catches up

It happened while you were sleeping. You've got product A, made better by product B, and then there's a breakthrough. You've always wanted product C integrated with A and B. I'm of talking about waffles, of course. Waffles, A, Syrup, B, would be nice with butter, C but have you ever tried to butter a waffle? Sure, you could melt it, pour it over, but what was really missing was SPRAY butter, or as advertised by Fabio, 'I Can't Believe It's not Butter'. How were we supposed to get a nice even coating of butter in all those holes?!? Now, a nice quick, even coating of butter flavor. I can deal with it not being butter, as you use less, net effect = more healthy. You gotta draw the lines somewhere and as for me, it's sometimes Diet Coke and a burger without Mayo. Here, I stop short of the real butter. And FWIW, Aldi stores right now have some GREAT waffles that totally pwn Eggo. Leggo your Eggo? Gladly, sir.

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