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Monday, December 31, 2007

If nautical nonsense be somethin' ya wish...

Then pay close attention to this little high seas tale me hearties.

First, this photo from my wife's side of the family:

You stay classy, San Diego. I mean, this is a pirate hat away from theme park memorabilia. I've got some 'What were they thinking?' fashion mistakes from my own 70's childhood, but as I was 8 in 1979, I suffered from a lack of control of over my own posterity at the time. So I can't really be blamed.

But this, this really says something. What, I have no idea. Just drink it in dear roblog reader. Perhaps if someone asks nicely, I'll blur it without the captions for a Fark photoshop contest.

Now to be fair, a story on my side of the family.

When certain, but to remain nameless, close close relatives of yours truly were younger, and, shall we say, 'bumpkins', they decided to to spend a night on the town at a nice restaurant.

It was a small town, but had just recently had the good fortune to have a BRAND NEW Long John Silver's built.

To be fair, since Long John didn't get started until 1969, they weren't well known in the 70's I suppose.

But getting dressed up nicely to go to LJS expecting a classy seafood restaurant is still 'You Just Might Be a Redneck' territory.

I love you all. And thanks for your non-consented use of your 'Pirates of the Caribbean' souvenir photo.

(Yeah really. This photo ISN'T memorabilia, unless you count the 70's as a theme park ride. For some of you damn hippies, it might have been. If you can remember it at all.)

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