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Monday, October 05, 2009

Fish Place #3 in Sugarland, TX: A Review

This is a nice little hole in the wall type restaurant, with good prices and very good food. We went on a Saturday night and it was fairly busy.

My wife had the all you can eat catfish for $7.99 and I have the seafood platter for $10.99. Mine came with 2 sides. I think that it came with: 3 pieces catfish, 3 chicken breast strips, 2 shrimp, crab ball, boudin ball, stuffed fried jalapeno. I chose (IIRC) the onion rings and jambalaya rice as sides out of a fairly large selection. My wife had the red beans and rice as one of her choices. The kids had chicken and popcorn shrimp dinners. The popcorn shrimp were about an inch across, and I would not have classed them as popcorn shrimp, just small shrimp.

Overall, it was fresh and hot. I think it hit my table within a 1-2 minutes of being cooked. It was still too hot to eat, so that's soon enough.

Individual reviews:

1. Catfish: piping hot, great thin crispy batter. One piece was a bit thick for my tastes. Flavor was excellent. Not a 'muddy' bit in the byte. (Har.) Even the thick piece. Has to be farm raised grain fed.
2. Chicken: a different thin crispy batter. Very nice.
3. Shrimp: butterfly fillet, pretty standard. Good.
4. Onion Rings: gotta be Vidalia onions. Sweet. Egg type batter.
5. Boudin ball. I don't like boudin balls, so I won't comment. Very thin batter.
6. Crab ball. Excellent. Sweet. Could be some fake crab in there, but I also found a bit of shell. Fine with me if they mix it as it was much better than many if not most of the crab balls/stuffed crab I've had.
7. Remoulade Sauce: Excellent. (Came with dinner.)

I had a piece of chicken, the boudin ball, some rice, onion rings, and one piece of catfish left over. Good value for the money. Pretty much another small meal in leftovers.

Wonder where the other two are, if this is #3?

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