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Wednesday, January 20, 2010

RIAA At It Again: This time, singing in public?!?

RIAA At It Again: San Francisco Teen Hit with Bill for Illegal Public Performance

“I was just riding my bike down the street, and a police officer ticketed me for the equivalent of 'bike jay-walking.'” That's what started this whole fiasco. Later, in a random review of the police camera footage, the teen could be heard singing 'Dead or Alive' by Bon Jovi in the audio recording. That's what lead to the fine: due to the number of passersby present, the RIAA was notified and the boy was charged with illegal performance of copyrighted material.

“I mean, that song is SO 80's! The only reason it was on my iPod in the first place was that I had been testing some software that removed hisses and pops from vinyl recordings. The record I used to test actually belonged to my grandmother!”

The RIAA had no comment due to the ongoing legal proceedings.

Industry pundits like David Pogue said that incidents like this will only increase due to the rising increase in electronic surveillance and software such as Shazam, which can recognize songs. In this case, Pogue said that soon, the RIAA will be able to eavesdrop for folks singing and using Google street maps for known audio source locations, determine if it is in public spaces or not. Pogue even mentioned that they will be able to detect the song when people are way off key, like any given number of 'American Idol' contestants.


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