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Friday, February 12, 2010

Sienna Plantation Power Failures: Get a UPS!

Here's the log from my daughter's computer:

NO. Type Time Event
1 6 07/01/2009 14:47:31 Power failure
2 6 07/04/2009 01:12:37 Power failure
3 6 08/09/2009 07:07:18 Power failure
4 6 08/09/2009 14:37:27 Power failure
5 6 09/22/2009 14:30:44 Power failure
6 6 09/28/2009 15:25:12 Power failure
7 6 09/28/2009 15:32:53 Power failure
8 6 10/06/2009 13:45:01 Power failure
9 6 10/06/2009 13:45:05 Power failure
10 6 10/06/2009 14:01:02 Power failure
11 6 10/06/2009 14:01:14 Power failure
12 6 10/20/2009 10:59:41 Power failure
13 6 11/05/2009 16:23:50 Power failure

For some reason, it's a wonky driver and the computer doesn't always log the UPS status, but you can bet it's failed since November too. Notably, most of the failures are in the afternoon.

Unfortunately, my Mac server is just using the built in UPS software, and I don't think it logs anything. But it's been up and running for 95 days now without a reboot, so that's got to be worth something.

The moral: buy a UPS for any electronics you don't want damaged or shutdown at inopportune times. They are inexpensive, and worth every penny. I have many, ranging in size from 350VA to 900VA. The higher the number, the longer it will run your equipment. Those with a USB interface can even shutdown your computer for you in an orderly fashion. My APC 900 XS will do this for my home server.

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