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Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Strange Dreams

I'll subtitle this: "What Did I Eat?"

Was it chili night or hole in the wall Mexican restaurant night. They had good cactus so you know it was authentic.

I had this dream that I was participating in a bike race but somehow I had my single speed beach cruiser and everyone else had a speedy multi-gear racing bike. This is the next step up in the dream hierarchy from arriving at school in your underwear. You feel embarrassed and unprepared, but I'll take the bike race scenario thanks.

Here's the FTW part: The track was a muddy mashed potato consistency. So, whose bike TURNED OUT in the end to be the best bike for the race? Rob on the wide-tired beach cruiser or Biff on his skinny tired Eurothrasher?

Hey Mark, there's a sermon here! (He never uses any of my ideas. :P)

The next dream was something about Steve Martin and I apprehending a carjacker in the town where I went to college. I think the cactus had really kicked in by that point as I couldn't get much sense out of that one.

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