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Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Coghlan's Camp Shower and Candians: So Nice

I bought one of these, at Wal Mart, I think, but had never used it.

Click the image to buy one.

I took it out today because the water is off at our house for some remodeling, and hey, just the sort of occasion (along with hurricanes-the weather not the drink) I got it for. Ironically, it's Hurricane Ike related damage we are just redoing after the first not so great job the other contractor did.

Anyway, the little cap at the bottom was split, and it was a manufacturing defect. A perfect crack right along the seam.

So I called the manufacturer in Canada and after bit bit of explaining, they are sending me a new one. So nice.

It's a nice unit, and only $8 at Wal Mart. It has 3 self draining pockets at the bottom for soap, shampoo, etc.

I saw it as high as $24 at a camping supply place. I gotta hand the price award to WM for this one, as much as I prefer Target and HEB.

Keep one around for your next disaster/apocalypse.

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