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Wednesday, February 16, 2011

World of Warcraft on Nvidia Ion, HP Mini 311 Laptop


HP Mini 311
3 gigs RAM 1 gig on board, 2 gig Crucial in slot. (Maximum officially. Anyone ever try a 4 gig stick?)
Windows 7
266.58 Nvidia Drivers
World of Warcraft 4.0.x (.6 I think.)
1366x768 (native resolution of laptop).
Pretty much every option on low.

In short, it's playable in dungeons and across the land, not so great in towns or near the auction house but it's useable. Much better than a GMA 950 chip.

Standing in the Inn at Redshire:

OpenGL ~8 fps
DirectX 9 ~26 fps
DirectX 11 ~ 32fps

So, DX11 is probably your best bet.

I saw as high as 50+ fps up in the terrain around Redshire.

Typically, a playable 22-26 FPS in a 5 man random dungeon.

You can use Nvidia's utility to squeeze a few more FPS out of it with say, a 10% reasonable overclock on all 3 Ion clocks.

I turned the sound down to low quality and low channels as well.
I also used Microsofts DirectX web installer to make sure all my components were current.

There are some quirks such as a cursor problem on my current setup. The Nvidia drivers are a new series and I expect to see improvements in speed and quality.

If you are not running 266.58 Nvidia drivers yet, I think I would wait. Many say 260.99 IIRC was faster. At this time, I will wait for an update vs. an uninstall/reinstall exercise.

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