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Friday, March 25, 2011

File Permissions and Copy Issues When Copying Among OS X, NTFS, etc.

Alright, for those of you not into computer gibberish, stop here.

In short, when you are trying to copy stuff from OS X or from NTFS to NTFS under, say, Parallels, you can run in to all sorts of nasty permissions problems.

In my case, I had copied the Documents and Setting folder off of a couple of XP installs' NTFS hard drive to my Mac desktop, and was having all sorts of permissions issues along with some virus infected files thrown in for good measure, which mucks up even a copy on the Parallels side.

I had to manually delete the infected files from within Parallels as AVG had some sort of permission choke as well.

I have a simple way of fixing all this.

Because I'm lazy, this isn't going to have screen shots and the like and because if you're a fairly novice user, it's somewhat involved.

First, attach your drive to the Parallels virtual machine and share it. Give privileges on the share to everyone, and anybody, load up the file sharing party bus.

Then connect to the share using Mac OS X's using the finder Command-K or 'Connect to Server...' and log with an Admin account on the virtual machine.

On the OS X side, Command-I to get the info on the folder you're copying over and give read/write permissions to everyone.

Now open a terminal window and type 'sudo cp -Rp', hit space, and drage the folder you're copying into the terminal window. Text like this will pop in:

sudo cp -Rp /Users/yourusername/Desktop/From\ HP\ Grey\ Hard\ Drive\ Rob\'s\ Mom

Hit space again.

Type in the IP address of the XP Machine and the Share name or you can drag in the shared Volume. (From Finder, hit Shift Command G and go to /Volumes)

You'll get this:

sudo cp -Rp /Users/robertbullock/Desktop/From\ HP\ Grey\ Hard\ Drive\ Rob\'s\ Mom /Volumes/

This is a root permissions filecopy with all subfolders included.

Hit enter. Wait.


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