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Monday, October 03, 2011

My Shakeology and Smoothie Blender

This is my blender for Shakeology and other shakes and smoothies. I've seen it at Fry's and I think Kohl's under a different brand. The Bella Cucina brand has a 1 year warranty. 

It's reviewed at 2.5 stars on Amazon out of 5, but the only trouble I have had is when the blade is not screwed on tight enough. It can loosen during blending and spill a little. But you will hear it as it rattles and makes a bit of a racket. Just put it on tight.

Don't use a heated dishwasher dry or high temp setting. I've washed the glasses many times in the dishwasher with no problems but one reviewer said theirs warped. Or wash by hand. Put a little soap and water in and blend!

This is the way to go. A regular blender wastes too much. Much better to drink out of the container you're making it in. There are 16 oz and 8 oz cups, two blades, and some other bits and pieces. 

It comes with 4 16 ounce containers so you'll always have one clean.

I use those with a scoop of Shakeology. It's thick and tasty enough for twice as much shake making as the label indicates.

Totally worth it. Had mine a few months and so I guess I've made over 100 shakes, easy.

Click the link to order. Recommended.

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