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Monday, March 26, 2012

P90X, Insanity, and more on a Cheap Budget

(Read to the bottom for discount info beyond individual programs that I consider bargains.)

Rockin' Body was $60, then they were on sale, now the new price is the sale price: $20. I like the little guide they include on what to pick for smarter eating at national fast food chains. That's practical, real advice for busy people trying to eat better.

The guy in Rockin' Body, Shaun T, is the trainer in 'Insanity':

Well, like most people, you may not be ready for that or have the cash, so why not start with a fun program at a great price?

If you like it, there's Rockin' Body Results for the same price to give you some more variety.

The bargains below are also from Beachbody, the company behind P90X.

Power Half Hour: shorter and 1/3rd the cost of P90X. Same Trainer, good ole Tony! 

Something for the family, same low price, $20.

Tony Horton with new P90X moves. Want a shorter version of the Yoga in P90X? Get the 'Fountain of Youth' One on One disc. Want to just get a sample of P90X, work on a particular body part, or add variety to your existing P90X set? Pick any disc from One on One for $20.

We've also got challenge packs with a discount on Shakeology/Fitness Programs and 10% off everything else Beachbody sells like those yummy P90X bars, gear, and supplements. To view those, visit beachfitrob.com and click on the Challenge Pack banner on the right. Want the ultimate discount of 25%? Click Coach in green in the middle.

On that note, Beachbody is also great idea for personal trainers who want extra cash by offering a complete line of nutrition products with practically zero financial outlay or risk. Your clients will eat and snack better, and get better results.

Connect with me via one of the links below if you need help deciding, or want to be in my Facebook challenge group with fellow fitness folks. 

beachfitrob.com "Decide, Commit, Succeed"
beachfitrobshake.com "Healthiest Meal of the Day"

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