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Monday, October 08, 2012

What is Solavei?

Update: With Taxes and Fees, you are giving $7 a month to the government. So my total was $56.31 in Texas.

Thank you Texas, and the Feds.

Original Post:
Solavei is a new cell network that uses a nationwide 4G network to give you unlimited cell service for $49 a month.

No contract, no hidden fees, no credit check, no obligations of any kind.

You can probably even use the phone you have.

And it gets better.

Refer 3 friends and get $20 a month back for every month they use Solavei. Refer 3 more, get another $20.

Now your cell plan is $9 a month.

Keep going, and earn even more. You get paid when friends of friends sign up too.

And remember, even if you don't do anything other than use it for service, you still get a no worries plan for $49 a month.

Click here to continue to my information and signup page.

Or if you like pictures better, click the big purple square on the upper right of this page that says 'Solavei'. :)

If you are interested in Solavei as a business but not to use as a plan, you can sign up for $149 a year and refer people to earn money.

To do that, on the Check Coverage/signup page, enter 00000 as your zip code and click the link to become a Social Member.

Finally, if ya just gotta read more, check out circlephone.com which is my shiny new Wordpress base site. I have more specific info in the blog section.

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