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Wednesday, July 19, 2006

CompUSA to the Rescue

Well, there I was, stuck in San Antonio facing the concept of paying for internet access at $9.99 a day in the hotel, even though I can use my phone to connect. And it's 3G high speed cellular data here! Why couldn't I use my phone? No Bluetooth adapter, because yours truly had left it in Oklahoma City. Dope. So, I call CompUSA to check prices, knowing they offer good rebates from time to time and I'll just leave this one in the laptop bag. The guy sees one for $9.99 but it's showing as out of stock on the computer. So, I head up to see if the computer is wrong, and if they can offer a comparable product. We can't even find the supposed $9.99 one in the computer. Long story short, Fransisco Torres, the General Sales Manager helps me out by offering me one for $15 with no rebate. Deal! And yeah, I told him I'd mention him here. So now you're famous. 'Preciate it brother. Turns out, this appears to be a Toshiba product repackaged, as that's what the software says. Normally $30, SKU at CompUSA is 334223. Thanks again Fransisco! Now on with the show. It's late at night, so I'll try my best to get the really good stuff on tomorrow.

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