Thursday, October 04, 2012

Solavei Speed Test

I got my SIM card in and tested it against a postpaid (contract) T-Mobile SIM and the speeds are about the same or better.

Here they are.

You have no disadvantage with Solavei as an MVNO of T-Mobile vs having a contract with T-Mobile.

It's $49 with unlimited data/text/calls, and roaming

You can actually EARN money by referring people. Refer 3 people and get $20 every month they stay. 6 gets you $40 and so on. Have 4 lines? Then your cost is $178 a month.

I think we have a winner.

You can sign up and learn more at the guestbook and get in touch with me if you need anything more. 

Ditch your contract and get a Samsung Galaxy Nexus from the Google Play Store like I did.

My Son, the atypical thinker

More like he didn't read the question, but please let me have this.

Wednesday, October 03, 2012

OS X: Adobe X Crashes in Print Dialogs

Adobe Reader 10.1.4 was crashing on me in OS X 10.6.8 when I tried to print to my Oki 5200n. Yes, I have an office capacity color laser at home. I got lucky. It's a nice printer.

Short version: Open the Printer and Fax setting in System Preferences.

Click in the printer list on the left, then RIGHT or CTRL-click on the printer and select 'Reset Printing System' from the contextual menu. This will remove all installed printers.

Now, Oki offers TWO printer drivers for OS X 10.6.  One is 2009 era, the other 2011.

You want the 2011 version. The 'Hiper C' multilingual installer, version 1.0.0

Go to and get it.

This fixed me right up, and it has a lot more options so you should get it anyway as an upgrade.


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Tuesday, October 02, 2012


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