Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Amazon.com Poor Affiliate Experience

Help me make back the money Amazon rightfully owes me!

I was showing someone some items on a home theater system and we had to add a TV to the cart to view the price. Later, she went back and ordered all the stuff through my website so I'd get credit. She had been planning to order it through Crutchfield but Amazon had better prices and free shipping.

I sold over $2000 worth of stuff for Amazon that day.

The TV I guess was left in the cart. Guess who didn't make $64 in commissions on that TV because it didn't tag with my associate ID?

When something was in a cart at something like 90 days prior to them clicking on your link, you don't get credit. However, they make a lot of high priced item prices unviewable UNTIL you add them to your cart. This almost certainly drives down the commissions they have to pay due to old items floating around in carts.

They admitted I got credit for 4 out of 5 items they bought on the order numbers I gave them, but wouldn't give me the TV credit. Which was 80% of the order value. Which would also have put me nearer a higher commission tier.

The most insulting bit from the email: "I understand that you wanted this order to count as credit for you. Because of this, we will not be able to respond to further inquiries on this order."

I have inquired about the buy.com affiliate program. Wouldn't you?

In the meantime, so I can get back what Amazon owes me, please buy stuff you were already going to buy through this search box.

Then, even if you were going to buy it anyway, they'll have to pay me a commission on it.

BUT BEFORE YOU DO: Log into your Amazon account and make sure your cart is empty.

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