Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Ok, craigslist, you SERIOUSLY need an in-house reputation system like ebay has. In other words, if your rep is low enough, you can't send me an email or even see my ad or the like. I'm tired of junk like 'Will you take $250 for your sealed in the box iPad that Apple is right now charging $349+ tax = $379?'

SERIOUSLY?! Is this an attempt by the makers of blood pressure medication to increase sales?

Sony Style store Blocks Apple Content

While browsing my blog from a computer in the Sony store, I noticed this article about Apple had a white square where the picture of an iPad was. I stood there and pulled the same article up on my phone and the pic was there.

It must be on Sony's end, surely Apple wouldn't block their products from being shown in Sony stores.
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I love craigslist marketing techniques. One post I read actually had this in it: "This is a worthwhile deal for both parties." Or words to that effect.

Just funny because it also wasn't a good deal: someone wanting to trade a used color Nook ($249 brand new) for an iPad (1st Gen cheapest from Apple at $349 for a REFURB.)

Not to mention the iPad just being wildly more popular than the color Nook. I think the color Nook is an under-appreciated piece of hardware, and many people just buy it to jailbreak it, but really?


Read on for marketing 101 genius.

'Can and has been!' So what about now? I've got to reinstall it?
'Saturated Market!' I think I could pawn an iPad and get a refurb color nook with warranty.
'possibilities' That there will be a zombie plague or alien invasion and the nook will offer some sort of immunity?

Sorry, just been sort of ranty about CL lately.

Hopefully this will get off the ground.

Monday, April 25, 2011

Dinner Wear From a Galaxy Far, Far Away

For you ultra nerds:

Even in the milieu of Star Wars, this jacket was probably the best they could dig up out of some old cargo bin.

'Hey Lou, they blew up the #@$@#$in' Death Star!'
(crowd goes crazy)
'We just got a request from some general upstairs to find some...DINNERWEAR? ...Anyone who's not cleaning Astro mechs or degreasing blasters dig through that stuff in the back from Col. Dandy's excess freight and see what you can find. Probably some dumb farmboy who won't know the difference anyway.'

Sunday, April 24, 2011

Do Not Want

I know this is for an astrological sign, but I still do not want to buy a product with CANCER on it.

Then again, cigarettes still sell well.
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A Blue Redbox

Keep the story straight! The new TARDIS maybe?
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