Friday, July 13, 2007

Thursday, July 12, 2007

Found Icons

Have you found a natural icon in the wild? I found this one. We can also file it under the 'Seperated at Birth' category.

First, this is in the parking valet area at Texas Children's Hospital:

Now, take a look at the Airport icon from Mac OS X:

Aww, it recognizes it's mommy.

Water Fountain:

Now that'd make a cool WiFi icon.

Dell Customer Service and Tech Support; Buy a Mac

Well, as a followup to this post, Dell Support is lacking.

I had problems with the x51v they had sent me. Pen sticks in the slot badly, one dead pixel, graphics corruption if Pocket Internet Explorer loads a big page, and the rubber bumpers are coming off the back.

So, they didn't show the x50v as returned. They fixed that. Then, the x51v was out of warranty because they don't change the service tags when you ship in your product. So someone bought the old x50v as a refurb, and thet still showed the Completecare on the x50v. It didn't get transferred when I got the x51v.

So, we're two and a half hours into this involving four chats, a tech support supervisor on the line, etc.

When I called Apple about my Macbook having screen streaking (that just turned out to be something I couldn't clean with microfiber cloth) they offered to clean it for me if I took it to an Apple store.

I won't bore you with the lengthy chat transcripts.

Buy a Mac.

I Like Games

My son loves this video. And the more you watch it, the more you will love it too. Someone loves their classic 8-bit games.

Wednesday, July 11, 2007

Starcraft II

Many hours were spent whiling away the time at Prince Sultan Air Base in Saudi Arabia during Operation Southern Watch while we played Starcrack. I mean Starcraft.

Now, check out this trailer for Starcraft II. They ought to let game companies make movies and keep Hollywod out of it. Less suckage and all. If this were a trailer for a movie, I'm goin'.
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