Sunday, May 18, 2014

Karma Hotspot Review

Let's get it out of the way: one of the attractions about this service (and it is more of a service thing vs. a hardware thing which I'll explain later) is that you get free data when someone shares your hotspot or buys a hotspot.

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The other way you get free data is when someone uses your hotspot to create an account, you both get 100 megs free. They can even log in with their Facebook account so it's super quick for them to jump on, check email, and you both get free data to start.

What's good for Karma is it allows them to sell data without having to build infrastructure.

Here's the other huge thing: You pay $14 for a gigabyte of data (which is probably hours of browsing if you aren't streaming some music or video) AND YOUR DATA NEVER EXPIRES.

The free data also never expires.

** So your only cost might be the hotspot itself. **

So you might spend $14 today, and still have the rest of your data to use a year later the next time you're at the airport.

You might even sell the hotspot, but you keep your data. Always, because end users don't need to own a hotspot, they can use anyone's Karma hotspot to access their account.

Of course, if you own your own, you control when it's available.

But at busy public places there might be more than one Karma, so you just log in to another one if someone leaves. One click and you're back on.

 'Karma' is always part of the SSID on the hotspot, so you can easily identify them.

A business could make the other part of the SSID to advertise their business. Like: ''s Karma' or such.

It would also be a one-time expense for a business, since the customer would pay for the data.

Coverage will be vastly improving in the next few months when the new LTE device is out. I will be getting one!

But you should get one today so you can be first and start racking up the free data.

Data speeds are fine, again as long as you aren't doing a lot of file transfers or streaming or like usage.

The biggest surprise: this thing is SMALL and thin. Like a pack of gum small. Dentyne maybe. Battery life appears excellent, much better than my other hotspots. It's micro USB so you can charge from anything.

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