Saturday, August 27, 2016

Do those car ionic breeze and ozone generators work?

Short answer, yes, but with some caveats. Some DO NOT WORK and are 100% junk with no functional parts.

Read on to see how you can tell if yours really works, and get a link to the one that I have that DOES work.

I ordered one from Daily Steals and got it. Above, the outer part. Below, the guts.

As you can see, there are only two pieces of electronics there not counting the LED. Those two just run the LED, basically. 

The springs are just power contacts so it's powered by the cigarette lighter.

They did refund my money without making me send it back.

So, how do you tell if yours really works? It's pretty easy. Plug it in and let it run for a couple of minutes. 

Wrap your hand around it so the air is sealed into your hand and then pull it out of the lighter socket.

Smell it. If it smells sort of like after a rain, or like that funny photocopier/laser printer smell from your office, that's ozone.

So at least it's generating that which means high voltage things are going on. Some ozone is ok, and it is a very effective deodorizer as well so that's good.

One thing to consider is that these take a while to work. The best solution is a thorough cleaning but over time these WILL help.

Here's the only one I could find of the two types I've had that actually worked:

A great air sanitizer that I've used for years is Ozium. I'd recommend one of these in the ORIGINAL SCENT. The 'New Car' scent was not good IMHO. Spray some around the air conditioner intake under your dash down by your feet from time to time. 

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Long story short: if it costs a fair amount and it's from a reputable seller it's probably OK, but if it's a cheapie shipped from China it's probably junk.

Additional tip to reduce odor in your car's A/C:
Turn off the A/C in your car usually by just pushing the A/C button when you are about 1 minute from your house and turn the fan on HIGH.

This warms up your A/C core which will keep water from condensing on it and allowing yucky things to grow there inside your dash.

The ozium will help to kill anything that might be there. 

P.S. Using the MAX A/C or recirculate setting will keep outside air from being drawn in, and therefore reduce germs and allergy junk from coming in. It will recirculate the cooler air in your car and reduce fuel consumption since the compressor won't run as much.

Lastly, have you considered a cabin air filter with carbon in it? Those absorb odors that the cheap factory paper ones will not.

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