Friday, June 23, 2006

My earliest internet post

So that I can realize how old I am, and living on memories as I am at my delicate age, and spurred on by the post on Slashdot today that said Quake is now 10 years old, I decided to look up my earliest Usenet post. Or at least the earliest that Google had. Other results here. GEEZ, that's old. I hadn't even met my WIFE yet! I still have a pair of Rollerblades. Am I foolish enough to drag those out? Read on brave reader...

Tuesday, June 20, 2006

Explosive 'news'

My wife sent me this video as some sort of jibe at men apparently. Isn't it funny and cute when women make fun of our supposed incompetence?

'Honey, it's a Torx head screw but you can sometimes find an Allen wrench to fit inside it and that will work.' I'm not making a judgement call here kids, just an anecdotal observation. Draw your own conclusions.

My response: Amateurs. Full military grade hardware is what you need. My solution? This:

My daughter and me. Isn't she lovely?

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