Saturday, August 09, 2008

Rock Wall

Aaron the alpiner. He wouldn't go over 5 feet up. This is the fishing tournament in downtown Pensacola.

Leisure Time in Pensacola

The locusts in the trees reveal their secrets to you if you drink enough cerveza. This is the view out of the Navy Inn on base.

Remote Control Airplanes

We're at a demo of R/C airplanes at the Naval Air Museum in Pensacola. This is a club's community trailer. These guys must have some understanding wives, or maybe it keeps them busy?

Thursday, August 07, 2008

Tornado Burger in Stafford (Houston) Texas

Technically its in Stafford, TX but if you want fresh and In-N-Out Burger quality in Texas, here you are.

Hendrix on the speakers, kitsch in the rafters and on the walls.

Well used but clean facilities. Get your burger here.

4 buxish for burger fries and a drink. Free refills!

I would steer clear of the spicy burger, not because it's too hot, but because it's hot enough to overpower the flavors. It might be good if you get a double to get one patty spicy and one regular. It seems like the sort of place that would do that for you.

The day we were there, they were out of paper bags for the fries so they were putting them in Styrofoam cups. Now that's a real burger joint.
(Not much there, they're busy making fresh awesome hamburgers!)

Monday, August 04, 2008

Tomorrow Plan

Aaron explains why the party should be today and not tomorrow.

Sunday, August 03, 2008

Rules for non-revenue travel AKA Buddy Passes

I stole these from a board I read often. These are my rules for anyone I give a buddy pass to. They are amendable.

  • You are not a paying customer. You are not on a discounted ticket; you are non-revenue, despite the overpriced service charge you paid for the buddy pass. If you have time, an advance-purchase ticket over the internet may be as cheap or cheaper, and will assure you a seat on the flight.
  • Accept that you might not get on at all. The money you paid for this pass merely gives you the opportunity to play the game like an airline employee: beg for a ride, and hope that an unsold seat is available. That's it.
  • Accept that you have a very low boarding priority. The newhire ramp worker, the commuting pilot, the retiree, the person booked on a later flight who wants to leave earlier, and even most other employees traveling standby are ahead of you on the list. If you get on the first (or even any) flight you try for, it would be very unusual.
  • The gate agents do not have time to deal with you. Crying about it and making an ass of yourself will do nothing except jeopardize my pass privileges, and possibly my job. If you screw this up for me, I will hunt you down 'til the day you die.
  • If you're told the flight's full, thank the agent and go find the next flight. No whining. You were not bumped, because you were never a customer to begin with.
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