Sunday, July 26, 2020

Drobo Series 3: Added a new drive I checked, now there are 3 Red Lights and one Flashing Red light.

Update: 23 September 2020 I'm out of work. No job. :) Buy me a cup of coffee or what you'd give any other IT savvy panhandler here: 

Update 2: Drobo is fine now after the rebuild. Just a poor contact or something and reseating the drives fixed it.

As for the error, Don't panic.

I added a 3TB drive I surface scanned twice, had only about as many power on hours as my SSD, and the SMART data all checked out. It is an Hitachi Enterprise grade drive I got JUST out of warranty but it was super clean too.

Betting it was sold off because the warranty ended. I got it with a 1 yr Squaretrade warranty for about 40 bucks and it's going into my storj node.

I digress.

I cleaned it a little with uncompressed air before all this.

I pulled the smallest drive and got the above lights twice on power up.

Powered it down a third time and after that re-seated all the drives.

Worked fine and it's rebuilding now...9 hrs to go but I think that's a bit on the high side as it was only originally a 1TB drive.

Of note: sometimes the Drobo ejects off my MAc but I think the power supply may be getting old, or it's the aftermarket USB3 card in my Mac.

Disk First Aid always checks out, so, I guess it's fine.

And yes I'm planning a Cloud/image backup here shortly. :)

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