Friday, April 04, 2008

Nothing is real...strawberry fields...

Maybe that's what that song is about. You can't even get a real teaspoon of honey anymore.

Popeye's gives you a 'honey sauce'. Yeesh.

The bees have been hit real hard by the credit crunch I guess.


Weather has my commute all messed up. This is why you live where you work.

Tuesday, April 01, 2008

April Fool

No, the teeth weren't.

But this is:

I love the dog voice print bark analyzer. Now there's a Google search term for you...

1985-1990, my teeth!

Ok, so I'm in Shreveport, LA on an overnight. I get up around 9AM (late arrival, gimme a break) and go out to look up some old friends. (Hey Flynn Dulle and John Bartle.) I lived here from 1979-1989 when I graduated from Caddo Magnet High School.

Anyway, I had just driven by one of my old homes and I noticed my othodontist still had his sign out. Incidentally, his brother is my sister's dentist. Doyle W. Baldridge as I live and breath. He still had 4 of my plaster castings from 1985-1990. I was sort of a prized case study. 2 of his assistents were still there from when I was a patient. He had presented my case at least once, probably more at various orthodontist events. Anyway, he wanted some pictures of my teeth to add to the case. *23* years later. I still have two pieces of hardware holding two sets of two teeth together. I'm 37 now and started as a patient of his when I was 14. I think the furniture there is still the same too.

He said my teeth look good and although the back teeth were a little crooked, he didn't recommend that Ihave anything done just yet, but to let him know if I did and he could do something simple for that.

23 YEARS. The man does love his work.

Monday, March 31, 2008


You know you're in the south when it's this mossy and green in March. Newark, you can keep it.
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