Monday, December 15, 2014

Eliminate Car Odor and Closet / Small Space Odor Cheap

I had a poor little mousie or something die in my wall next to my closet. It wasn't horrible, and I wasn't about to go ripping out walls for something small that in theory should eventually degrade on it's own.

Hey, it's nature.

 I had these items available:

  • Ozium Air Freshener / Sanitizer
  • 110V Car Cigarette lighter socket
  • Car ion / ozone (O3) generator

I ran an extension cord into the closet, and plugged in the generator and socket adapter and just let it work.

As of this writing, the smell is COMPLETELY gone.

If you add a fan to circulate air, and perhaps use more than one generator, it will work faster. Don't go crazy though, too much ozone is bad for you.

I sprayed the Ozium from time to time to take care of a large part of it.

This version of Ozium has a lemony scent. The scent doesn't last terribly long. It kills airborne germs too.

All ion generators generate some ozone so if you are sensitive to it, be careful. You can put your nose on it and smell it, so you know it's working.

It's the same smell you get after a hard rain.

The benefit to buying these items vs. a home ion / O3 generator are:

1. You can use the ion generator in your car too.
2. You can use a car cell charger in your house if your home one breaks, or other small 12V car electrics like a small fan.

Of course, I use the Ozium in my cars too.

All these travel well: Musty / Smoky hotel room anyone? Yuck. This fixes it. Squirt a little into the A/C intake in your room.

Here's the stuff. Please use the Amazon widget or search box to buy, your purchases support theroblog. :)

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