Thursday, January 05, 2012

Rooting the Amazon Fire: adb under OS X Doesn't Recognize

ADB won't recognize an attached Kindle Fire over USB unless you add the Fire's device ID to adb_usb.ini

Step 1:
From the Finder in OS X, select Go, then Go to Folder, then paste this in:


You can see the file there.

Step 2:
Now open a terminal and type these commands in order:

cd /Users/yourusername/.android/

echo "0x1949" >> adb_usb.ini

Now you can go back to the folder in the Finder and verify the entry has been made by opening adb_usb.ini

Now adb will see the Fire. You may have to eject the Fire disk that's mounted, and reconnect it, or kill and restart the adb server etc. That procedure is all over the web, but getting adb to recognize the Fire on the Mac was driving me nuts.

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 Also, some say cable and port matter, so my Fire is attached with a nook USB cable (ironically) to a powered hub attached to a 2006 1,1 Mac Pro.

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