Saturday, June 07, 2008

Labtec 2200 Monitor Mount Sucks

This is an ok webcam. But my seven year old could have designed a better monitor mount. It would mount securely MAYBE if you had JUST the right thickness monitor.

Here's a 25 cent solution. I'm surprised how well it works. It functions as a spacer and shock absorber. You can even hit it lightly and it won't come off.

An easy fix and you probably saw it here first. This is a 27 or 25mm size superball. Just wedge it in between the monitor mount and the flat portion of the monitor. It isn't centered but it was 'free' in a two-pack with a Logitec Deluxe Notebook Webcam for $30 at Target marked down from $60.


Friday, June 06, 2008

Summer Fun Activity

Here's a cheap and easy one. Store bought cookies and various decorations.

Thursday, June 05, 2008

...another bad idea in plastic.

Wonder why this is on sale? Is it fresh squeezed? Mmmm.

Silicon parts are made for toys!

Sir Mix A Lot never spoke truer words. Uh, who is the target audence for this?

Plastic here, plastic there I guess.

Happy birthday car!

Or whatever you say when the odometer turns a neat number.

We missed 111111.1 sooo...11+11=22.0

Best I could come up with.

Whaaa.....? No one wants to live next to Britney?

Ed McMahon's been trying to sell his house but, well, the neighbors are undesirable I guess:

"The agent hired by the TV personality to sell the property, has also blamed the house's location on the lack of interest from buyers, as its close proximity to Britney Spears' home has been putting people off. Another difficulty for the area has been a mold contamination that has plagued a number of homes, including McMahon's."

HA-FX33 Headset Review

I have these in black and got them on sale for $10. I thought we had mentioned these before but I couldn't find it :).

If you are looking for a headset to wear while traveling on an airplane, this is a good choice. They function as earplugs as well (the outer section is like the foam earplugs you use), so they are great for that or any noisy environment. Mowing the lawn, etc.

A little solitude in a noisy world.

In that sense, they are better than active noise reduction headsets and a lot cheaper!

I would not use them while bike riding or when you need to hear things but you could insert them loosely for that.

The sound is good unless you insert them loosely, in which case it is tinny. I also like the little slide that holds the buds together, reducing tangles.

Pick up a pair from Amazon and support the roblog.

Wednesday, June 04, 2008 Deals

So it's been a slow week. Here's a little info. Try out and see what you like. You can print them right off at your PC.

My picks: The Taco Bell Frutista for free with any purchase. (It was a bit watered down, but for 99 cents including a bean burrito...meh). Also the Old El Paso $1 off any two items. Basically, that makes some stuff like Taco Seasoning nearly free.

The Betty Crocker tub o' icing was 75 cents at Target after coupon. Cheaper than Generic.

Sunday, June 01, 2008

Comcast Initially Sucks

We'll see how they do later but:

1. Left my house and didn't close the work order so no Internet for 24 hours. Numerous calls, finally started working.

2. Got my phone number wrong which made looking up my info confusing. Not a typo, totally wrong area code.

3. Remote for their digital box not set up for said digital box. Had to do that myself.

4. Cablecards not activated. Had to call in, during which time they started working. Maybe that's provisioning, but if you can make my Tivo give that message to call, you, give me a message to just wait and they will provision.

5. Don't make me wade through pages, download and run some crappy software, agree to terms and conditions, etc. just to turn on my internet. Just make it work!

6. Installer's primary language not English. I don't have any judgment to make here other than I should be able to communicate a little easier with said installers. Did a decent job otherwise, but could have gone quicker.
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