Thursday, March 13, 2008

Data Meltdown

Long story but DON'T USE THE MOVE COMMAND ON OS X to move files!!! if you are doing large moves. I had some go bad, deleted the destination directory on a shared volume, and then re-attempted the copy. What happens is files get moved and deleted from the source, then it fails, and some got moved. If you delete that destination and start over, now both copies are gone.


I don't think Windows works this way. Are you listening Apple? Make OS X undo everything if the move command fails!

Do a copy, then compare the original and destination. Then if it's the same, delete the orignal. Toast 8 and maybe other versions have a compare utility under the Utilities menu for this. Kudos for that! (Even though Toast 8 does have it's warts. Search for my review on that.)

I bought Data Rescue II which appears to have found everything for the most part. I have mysteriously found photos of mine I don't know the origin of and why I would have deleted them. Bizarre.

Other recommendations: Don't let iPhoto store your photos. Too much of a pain in the a$$ to gt them out and manage them. I'm going to use raw directories. Make sure the date's set on that camera. This will make life easier down the road. Burn your stuff to DVD and then copy that to a network drive or something or keep it on a drive and burn a backup with that. Organize them yourself. Maybe Picasa since it doesn't snatch all your photos into it.

Yeesh. More on this later if I can stomach it. Nearly a week long nightmare at this point. Also: The Buffalo Linkstation Live 500gig hs-dh500gl has TERRIBLE performance. Like it's only twice as fast on a 1000mbit LAN as it is on a 1000mbit LAN. Rediculous. And yes, it's a gigabit (1000baseT) device.
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