Friday, January 18, 2008

What's in my pilot gear?

I thought maybe I'd add a list of extra 'pilot gear' I carry on my trips. Tips and tricks of the trade.

In luggage:
AA battery charger. My electric razor cheapo model uses them and so does my headset.
Vacuum packed food: Shrimp (really, it's Chicken of the sea brand), Salmon with Dill (some brand), BBQ Chicken breast. For emergency meals on the late night flights. Ruby Tuesday's is open late too.
Food: Easy Mac. If you have a microwave. Bet it works with coffee pot hot water too. Miso soup. Same, coffee pot water.
Umbrella. For the walk around in the storm.
Meds: Claritin, Immodium generic, (Like you've never been to Mexico.) Pain meds.

In flight case:
Paper hole punch reinforcers. For when your Jepp plate rips.
Head mounted LED light. Dorky, but if the lights ever went out...holdover from my GA days.
Food: Airline Peanuts, Power bar type stuff. Sometimes drink powders to add to water.

In general:
Trench coat with zip out liner and gloves. See above.
PDA with WiFi and is Skype capable. (last I checked, a 400Mhz CPU). For calls from Mexico and Canada to the US. 2.1 cents a minute. Works pretty well and it's cheap.

That's all for now. Will add to later. Comments? Add your fave trick in comments. Or the forum area. Or both.


Did you know that the closed captioning for Spongebob Squarepants was sponsored by the US Dept of Education?

(Is this for all TV shows?)

It's certainly taught me a few things. None of them useful perhaps, but still.

The guy who was The Kurgan in 'Highlander' is the voice of Mr Krabs.

I know. You want that 15 seconds of your life back. Or minute, if you are a slow reader.

So that whole closed captioning thing doesn't work so well for you anyway. will move its lips as slow as you need faithful reader. In time with yours while you read. :)

We love ya. Toughly.

Thursday, January 17, 2008

Macbook Air: But what about this?

This is a bit related to
my earlier micro rant about Apple's proprietary mini DVI connector on the Macbook. (The Macbook Pro gets a full size. WHY?!)

The new Macbook Air has ANOTHER non-standard connector. Yay Apple.

But here's an idea Steve: Why not make a cable that plugs into the Air (heh, a cable that plugs into air) and gives you a REAL DVI connector on the other end?

The stinkin' Macbook gives you a DVI-D connector even though the packaging is labeled as DVI.

DVI-D is only the digital signals. The analog (VGA signals) aren't present! That's another cable at $19 folks.

I could use the adapter that came with my G5 if Apple gave us a full DVI pin set. I want DVI-I so that I can then plug whatever I want into it.

So instead of your leftover G5 cable, you'll spend time ordering another cable and $19. Not to mention if you thought (like I did) that you'd be good to go and then discover that you aren't when you try to plug it in. Another trip to the Apple store.

Want to output composite video? $19.
VGA? $19
DVI-D? $19

That's $57 in cables. About 7% of the price I paid for my refurb Macbook. Really, Apple?

Anyone know if the Air DVI cable is a full DVI-I?

I ask because, you guessed it, the composite and SVGA cables are optional. At least it's only $19. Bonus: You get SVGA and Composite on it.

Monday, January 14, 2008

MCI Overnight

This is the restaurant seating at the Four Points Sheraton in Kansas City Missouri.

I'm on a 4 day assigned out of an R6 reserve line. Pretty good one. 20 hrs flt time with 1 leg,2 leg, 2 leg, 3 leg days. Mostly XR flying. Late shows, long layovers, pretty short days.

I just hope CNN doesn't do a story about highly invasive surgery during my lunch.

Sunday, January 13, 2008

Galveston Texas

This is a neat little housing development just northwest of Galveston on the inner waterway I guess you'd say.

Photo'd from my 182. Looks like a big marina and a dock area for each house. Ya gotta love your boat here I guess.

Wonder if hurricane insurance is available.

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