Tuesday, January 14, 2014

Nissan Leaf LED Lights before and after:

 -actually look better imho. Stylish but not flashy. I like white vs. yellow lighting
 -small power savings...academic almost -fun and easy to do. :)
 -seemed to be brighter. The trunk light is shown. 12 LEDs all facing the compartment vs a 5W multi directional incandescent.

I did the dome light, trunk light, and the 2 license plate lights.

Please use the Amazon search box to buy your LED lights. I got some of mine there.


Here are some of the ones I got: (Please click the lights to buy on Amazon :) It makes me happy to write these articles. :)

I put these in the headlight as the running lights. *I THINK* the problem some are having is if you use two pair with, the other two for the license plate light, it may blow the fuse which is a pain to replace.

So I have one set of these and the other that only have 5 LEDs on them as seen below.

I have some like these for the license plate:


Notice they don't have as many LEDs, but you don't need much just to light the plate. That's why I put the ones with more LEDs up front. IIRC I think I used these for the two lights by the sunglass storage area.

And some like these for the trunk area and dome light. IIRC I had to slightly bend the contacts in the socket but not much.


So all told, you will need 8 lights. Two running lights up front, two by the sunglass storage area, one for the trunk, one dome, and two for the license plate lights.  I dunno about the glove box, I have a 2011 which has a light already. :)

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