Thursday, June 15, 2006

24 Hours of Fedex

See all the flights FedEx flies in a 24 hr period.

The moon with grass

This is what it would look like. Otherwise known as somewhere in New Mexico. Or Arizona. With a view like this, does it matter? That's why the speed limit is 75 I bet. Taken somewhere on I-40 from the motorhome on the way back to Oklahoma.

Tuesday, June 13, 2006


Yeah, the number of the beast. This is what I was doing. Feeding the machine that is the beast. We installed some new network stuff and some IP phones. Some of the easiest best money I've ever made at $26/hr contract. And of course, no office day is complete without the flair. Umm, k? I told Anthony I'd put him on my blog, and here he is.

Shall we...

play a game? Where's Rob? Here's your clue: "I was standing on a corner in ____ ____". Dad, you know, so you're out. Correctly identifty where this photo was taken, and you win. You can use Google Earth for extra credit. Wideview JPEG posted when the winner posts the correct location.
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