Wednesday, June 22, 2011

New Nook Simple Reader vs. First Generation Nook

Ok, I've had the new one for a while, so I can review it fairly I think. I've owned the first generation for about 6 months so I know that one pretty well.

Short story: if you are buying a Nook, and prefer e-paper then get the new one unless you need the free 3g option or something else the first generation offers. Spend the extra $40 for the N2 vs a refurb N1 unless budget is an absolute priority. (Lets call them N1 for Nook1 and the Simple Reader N2.) If you are thinking about upgrading, I did. Worth it IMHO if you can pass your N1 down or get some cash for it.

What's missing from the N2: no free AT&T 3G for shipping and buying books nearly anywhere, no games, no MP3 player, no user replaceable battery, no web browser.

What's better about the N2: WAAAAAY faster and lighter. No comparison. The screen is supposed to have 50% better contrast but seems about the same to me. Touch Screen: this makes a huge difference. I love it. Longer battery life supposedly, but I left Wifi on and it slept but was drained to zero when I tried to wake it. Could be a firmware issue, the firmware is V1.0.0. Smaller of course, but a weird aspect ratio as seen in the pic. *Lots* of little interface tweaks due to having a touch screen, can sync contacts but mainly just for sharing quotes from books, and books themselves with the LendMe feature. It integrates with Facebook, Twitter and Google contacts. Pretty cool.

What's the same: Screen size same. Still works with Calibre (which I highly recommend, I even donated the dev some cash), MicroSD expansion, supprt for many many file formats. Cambridge leather cover. I got this cover again from B&N. Had the same cover for my N1.

What's worse: no full screen refresh on every screen page so it looks a little dirtied up until it does a full refresh something like every 6th page IIRC.

What I wish it had: Better PDF Support! At least let us zoom in and scroll around. We've got a fast processor and a touch screen. Get on it B&N! An Option to enable a full screen refresh on screen changes, and/or page flips, user replaceable battery.

What I didn't miss: 3g. I can tether to my TMobile phone, so I don't need it. Larger size, way heavier. Ability to swap colored cover on back of N1.

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Sunday, June 19, 2011

Cats and Computers

And wheresoever thou art, I will also be. And I will make a whirlwind of thine belongings, and dwell amongst them. Caticus 3:14
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