Tuesday, October 29, 2019

Amiga 1000 Power Supply Repair

Mine was missing 12V from the 3122V voltage regulator. I replaced about half the electrolytics while I was in there.

3122V is attached the the last heat sink in the upper right corner here. You can just unscrew and desolder, heat sync stays in place.

I got mine for $3.89 on Ebay. Here's a link to the specific listing: Linky. Either link supports me by generating a tiny commission.

Sunday, October 27, 2019

ADTPro and Windows: Which USB to Serial Adapter to use?

Update: Link for Amiga Explorer:
https://www.amigaforever.com/ae/ and here's a pretty exhaustive way to set it up using only AE and a serial cable. But you have to be at least booted to Workbench on the Amiga: https://www.everythingamiga.com/2017/05/amiga-explorer-pc-to-amiga-data-transfer-without-a-gotek-or-compact-flash.html

IMHO, don't go too cheap.

This is a good brand, with good drivers and it's what I used with ADTPro to make floppies on my IIGS:

I'll make about 72 cents if you buy it using the link. And that will make me happy so I will keep writing these.

It's rated 4.5 stars. 

Don't be cheap and wrestle with crappy drivers. This is easy. And it's capable of around 250Kbps if you need something high speed for later.

You'll need SOME kind of 9 pin null modem adapter.

Here's a link for some: https://amzn.to/2WmWGSy

One end needs to be female. The other depends on what cable you get. 

For my IIgs, one end was the DIN8 serial and the other a DB25 so I got a null modem adapter that mated those two ends. 

I think it's better to just have one null modem adapter and then just buy cheaper adapters and cables to fit that for various projects vs. buying several different null modem cables. It's cheaper to just buy regular cables and re-use the null modem adapter over and over. 

One example would be my Amiga, which I will be putting Amiga Explorer on and I've already got two DB25 ends which is probably a cheap cable I think I've already got.


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