Saturday, February 27, 2010

Eww of the Day

Look closely at the young woman in the booth.

That's her bare foot on the seat. Think about this on your next visit to Chili's.

No, honey, no.

A close second in a contest that shouldn't happen: upon looking at my daughter. She's sitting cross legged in socks on the seat.

Still a big NO!

Worstest: my wife told her 3 or 4 days ago at this SAME RESTAURANT not to do this.

I know she is trying to drive us crazy, so our awareness makes it more of a challenge.

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Friday, February 26, 2010

The Grocery Game: Round one actual Receipts

Here are some receipts from CVS and Walgreens. Click them for a full size view. As you can see, the savings are substantial.

Some notes:

At CVS, I got a $20 Russell Stover hand dipped Valentines chocolate heart for $4.99. 26 (over a pound and a half) ounces of good chocolate candy for $5 seemed a buy.

At Walgreens I thought the SoyJoy bars on clearance for .37 were a good deal. I wouldnt have bought the 69 cent can of Pringles but I had to go over $5.00 to get to use the $5 Rewards coupon I got for buying 2 Theraflu medicines. That receipt was not pictured, but they were 2/$10 and I had 2 coupons for $2 each. So, they added up to be 50 cents each after the $5 Walgreens reward money. (Receipt not pictured.) I rang those separate and first and turned around and used the $5 coupon that prints out of the register.

All these strategies are shown on the grocery game. They also tell you exactly how and where to find the coupons.

So I got a few extra bargains, but if you're more frugal than me (and I doubt it) you could save a little more.

And you can get a free trial by emailing me on the right side of my blog. I'd appreciate it, as I get free weeks for every 3 referrals.

It's WAAAAAAAY easier and cheaper than what I was doing on my own.

Also, please print your coupons from the banner on the right when you can! I get a few cents from those too.

Have fun shopping!

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