Thursday, August 02, 2012

Great Stick Vaccuum even the kids will Love!

I recently bought this:

I wish it had a crevice tool, but it works well otherwise. The whole thing hangs on the wall mounted charger, the handle is removable, and the second extra battery charges at the same time and just slides into the vacuum part.

The bottom part has a beater bar you can turn on or off, but most of the time I turn it on.

That's a huge advantage over a regular dustbuster type vac. The revolving brush has it's own little motor to drive it.

I miss the lack of crevice capability, but I don't know how you'd get the rotating beater brush bar and the crevice part on at the same time...

My son loves to use it! He's 11. So, you might get some extra housework out of the kids. It's light enough for even the smallest kids to push around, and not so powerful that they might damage something unless you've left some jewelry or something very fragile on your floor.

It's great for carpeted stairs and spot vacuuming carpet. I use it on throw rugs because it isn't powerful enough to suck them up if you put a foot or two on it. Also the cat hair on the couch, comforter, dust bunnies, you name it. Super handy and you always have an extra battery so you're never out of juice.

A big roblog thumbs up!

Tuesday, July 31, 2012

A new "A-Team" Script

I have an idea for an A-Team script: basically, it goes something underdog/victim/orphan/relative of victim with a problem finds the A-Team.

Hannibal is in disguise at some point for a movie/client interview. BA is drugged and Murdock flies after being broken out of the asylum again.

Problem turns out be more than the A-Team can handle. Hannibal goes on 'the Jazz'. Someone gets shot/captured.

BA builds something out of a pile of scrap and supplies. Thousands of rounds are fired and stuff explodes.

No one is seriously hurt. Bad guys are overwhelmed, BA is possibly drugged and Murdock flies again, but something different this time.

Credits roll, the end.

Oh, and the A-Team original series is on Netflix now if you need ideas.

Monday, July 30, 2012

Frozen Banana 'Ice Cream' for Dieters

This one's super easy and you won't believe the texture and taste.

I stole it from Rachel Ray here.

I modified mine and used a blender I already have for Shakeology.

You just have to keep shaking the blender to make the bananas go to the bottom so the blade can puree them.

In the small cup that came with the blender, put about 1/2 cup milk and then cram it as full as you can of frozen bananas cut into 1 inch lengths.

You can add a little vanilla and xylitol if you want it sweeter.

We also made one with some strawberries, but it was a little icier (less smooth) due to the water content. I'm freezing them to see how they do in storage, but my bet is both are meant to be eaten right after blending.

Sunday, July 29, 2012

More Foods I Like: Marinated Salmon/Tuna

I travel a lot, so yes, I know fresh is better, but these are better than the junk you'll find around a hotel or airport.

My Favorite: Teriyaki Salmon!

Bumble Bee Dill Tuna

Bumble Bee Smoked Tuna

Sweeteners and Snacks

(Just wait for the widget to load, it takes a silly amount of time for some reason.)

I roast the cacao on 300 for about 10 minutes in a convection toaster oven.

 They have a nutty taste, a little bitter. I just crunch one or two between my front teeth. You get your chocolate in it's purest form with all the benefits. You can eat them raw, but they are more sour and have kind of a wine taste. I threw all the products in a widget for brevity, just pick the one you like.
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