Saturday, August 30, 2014

Windows 8.1 Clean Install on Miix 2 8": Where to get drivers, and notes on the latest versions.

I did this recently, so here are the notes:

1. Borrow someone's Windows Key to download the ISO from Microsoft. You aren't going to use it. Get the Belarc Advisor, and after you have Windows 8.1 installed you can use your OEM key that Belarc Advisor shows in the report.

I would save or print the Belarc report for future use.

The screen will 'blank' if you have the power settings set to turn it off until you get some drivers installed so set it to turn off 'never' when plugged in and 'never' if you have to run on battery power rather than a having to do a hard restart while you're in the middle of something.

So charge the battery to 100% before you do all this.

Windows 8.1 retail will install fine, and later you can change the key to your OEM key. I did not check whether it was using the UEFI key automatically, but I assume it was, IIRC Windows retail was activated but I went ahead and 'changed' the key anyway since I had borrowed the key to download from my firned.

To change the key, right click 'This PC' on the Windows desktop, then 'Change Product Key' in the lower right corner.

Notes on Install:
The touchscreen will start working at some point, but I used a powered hub and a USB keyboard and Mouse initially.

The latest drivers can all be downloaded from Lenovo. I let Windows install and update as much as it could, since I'd prefer Microsoft drivers, since they designed the OS, it makes sense.

The Lenovo Download page is here.

The 'Platform Driver' install looks pretty stock, but I had the Intel HD 4000 graphics driver FROM INTEL running on my Dell Venue 8 because the Dell drivers are a continual problem.

If you want to use the Intel version: I had to go into the device manager, and get the .ZIP here, then tell Windows to install it manually via the device manager.

After you 'force' install the Intel graphics driver (it's still signed, don't worry, you don't get any warnings) then the normal Intel installers will work.

The Lenovo 'Platform Driver' Installs graphics driver but you can get the .EXE from Intel which is which as of this writing has a filename of win32_153322.exe and you can get it here along with the ZIP.

Here is a big long list of Intel HD drivers:

After intalling win32_153322.exe, you will have driver version and Windows will ask for a restart.

The audio driver from Lenovo appears to install a later version of the driver than Windows / Intel does.

Windows 8.1 or the updates will give you Broadcom WiFi driver version vs Lenovo's .97.181 which again, is why I let Windows install as much as possible. Generally, I'd rather have Microsoft tested stuff.

Windows will install a later version of the Bluetooth Audio driver AFTER you install the Lenovo version. (Which I can never find the driver version so someone please let me know. 'Bluetooth Radio' shows a Microsoft driver.)

If you have questions or comments, leave them and I will update this.

I got this case for it. A small piece of tape on the metal clasp part is recommended to avoid tiny scratches on the screen. Of note, the Miix 2 8 case does not have that issue. The magnet is embedded in the cover.

Monday, August 25, 2014

Coffee Pot Cleaner/Descaler

My Senseo machine is still going strong since I got it in March 2013. When it was 8 years old.

The Keurig is more popular, but the Senseo is more environmentally friendly, and cheaper to run.

The pods are just coffee sandwiched between two pieces of filter paper.

No plastic, like K cups.

I find them in motels more often so I take them home for free coffee.

But enough about that.

Have you descaled and cleaned your expensive coffee machine lately?

I just did, and the cleaner is cheap and ships free on Amazon.

I also have the Coffee Duck so I can use my own ground coffee. It's also easier to clean than the K cup gear.

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