Saturday, September 26, 2015

Cheap Keurig: Mr. Coffee makes one! $54

I have the red version of this coffee maker.

I have had only one problem:

The needle that forces water into the K cup got coffee grounds in it and got stopped up, but after just running some water through without a K cup it flushed that out.

I recommend after brewing to just remove the K cup and flush a little water through to keep it clean.

As of this writing, they are $53.99 shipped free with Prime at Amazon. I think that's the cheapest Keurig you're going to get!

If you're looking for cheap K-Cups, check out Jammin Butter. Weird name, cheap prices. Last deal I saw was Gevalia for around 30 cents each.

Thursday, September 24, 2015

Fix your Air Conditioner Cheap (Temporarily)

First off, this isn't a long term fix.

Don't blame me if it tears something up.

In this scenario, the compressor works on the AC but the fan will not spin due to a bad capacitor or fan or what have you. So the freon is not begin cooled back down outside before it's pumped back into the house to carry the heat away. (Basically.) See:

It does not work as well as a proper fix, but if you are sweating away in Houston or the South somewhere and you don't have any other options like window units this will get you going. (Get a small window unit and put it in a plastic bag somewhere when you're not using it. Mine even has a remote control!)

It is harder on your air conditioner because it does not work as well as the air conditioner's fan that is built into it. It will run hotter than it should.

But it does work and I ran mine this way until I was able to get the repairman out so we at least had one unit working.

Another reason to keep a small window unit on hand: for hurricanes a generator will run it easily.

Unfortunately both of our units broke about the same time but I had the smaller unit, the window unit, and a bunch of fans inside my house so it wasn't too horrible.

I also set the main unit to blow just the inside fan to circulate air in the house: the compressor was out on my larger unit. Also all the ceiling fans were going.

Another IDEA: Also close off all inside vents to rooms you don't want cooled and shut the door. Examples: laundry room, closets, bathrooms, i.e. any room with a vent. Close it and shut the door. It's extra space you don't care as much about. Place fans in rooms that ARE being cooled to direct air into rooms that need it.

For my smaller unit I used a box fan to pull air through constantly so when you hold your hand over the box fan it should be blowing up as per this picture below.

This person also put the fans going into unit and then the fan on top sucking air out. (Not my pic.)

**Make sure the box fan(s) are on the HIGHEST SETTING **.

 I have a small 5000 or 5500 BTU unit that kept the living room cool, and my son's room acceptable by blowing a fan into it and closing off his closest and bathroom and the other room in that hall.
Now, get those fans and a window unit!

Now, get those fans and a window unit!

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