Thursday, July 26, 2007

9800 Pro PC Version flashed to Mac

This is a bit of old news, but if you flash the PC version of a Radeon 9800 Pro with a Mac ROM as detailed at the Strangedogs Wiki, it is reported by System Profiler as supporting Core Image.

Apple doesn't say the 9800 Pro supports Core Image, but the 9800 XT they say is supported. Just so you know. Hopefully someone will google this someday and find out easier than I did.

I have to verify that my card is in fact not an XT, as Techtool Pro 4.5.3 reports that it is. TT Pro says it's an R360 Core, system profiler says its and R350 core. As noted on the next post, I don't trust TT Pro completely.

Wednesday, July 25, 2007

Techtool Pro 4.5.3 Issues


*HUGE* CPU and RAM use. I left it running overnight with two instances of memtest and Techtool this morning was using 1.15 GB!! of memory and 85% processor on a G5 dual 1.8ghz. You've got to be kidding me. I had to force quit it. I've only got 768 physical RAM.

It doesn't report any errors this way at least.

BUT: When booted from a DVD, locks on the 1010101 (or whatever alternating) memory test. With either set of RAM sticks installed that I have.

Memtool in single or in a terminal window in the OS has no such issue and reports all RAM ok.

So far, I have to say, I'm not terribly impressed. At least I only paid $50 for it during the Macupdate special.

I've also heard disk horror stories of it trashing people's drives and having to fix it with Disk Warrior.

I don't have a success story for you on this product and I'm a bit afraid to use it for something important with what I've seen and heard.

Tuesday, July 24, 2007

Suburban Soccer Mom

I found this sticky note. It read:

Target: Veggies, Milk, Wine Glasses.
Oil Change
Liquor Store

I wonder whose this is. I imagine a suburban soccer mom of some sort; no slight to those who are. It's good work if you can get it.

Next stop: comfortably numb.

Sunday, July 22, 2007

Years Later Review #1

I tend these days to stay behind the power curve on tech stuff. No, I don't own an old Mac or a terribly old PC. It's pretty compelling to own a machine that when it came out 4 years ago was $1999, and you paid $595 for it.

I just bought a dual G5 1.8ghz with three times the RAM it came with for that price. Also, I got the Apple Mighty Mouse, which I didn't think was stock for a G5. And a retail copy of OS X 10.4 vs the original 10.3. Those items are $158 retail at the Apple store.

Hard to turn down.

So here's the review: Get one. Well, at least pick up the mouse. (MM I'll call it.) I'd recommend a more slippery mousepad for it than the cloth topped kind. It's more draggy than my Microsoft Wheel Mouse Optical. The MS mouse touches in 4 small places, and the Apple mouse touches in a ring all around the bottom. The scroll ball on the MM is just deliciously precise.

There's tons of detailed reviews on the G5 already, so what's the point of a lengthy one? I'll be moving my 9800 Pro Radeon to the G5 soon, which will make it probably more powerful than my 2.53Ghz PC. What a relic!

We've said it before, the prices on the Motorola chip based Macs are in freefall since Apple switched to Intel. The G5 is also a lot quieter and prettier than the G4, and I'm betting will be supported slightly longer.

My G4 will be for sale very shortly if anyone is interested.
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