Wednesday, May 16, 2012

Ah, Government

What should be simple, is, but isn't intuitive.

So I get my new Global Entry card, and I visit and login, so I can activate it.

I know people don't read for comprehension, but this is one case where you shouldn't really need to. You would think that you could activate your card after logging in to your own account. 

Nowhere can I find the option to activate. I see my card number. I see I'm accepted, obviously, since they sent me the card.

Long story short, you activate it WITHOUT logging in, which the instructions actually don't tell you to do.

If you just visit and look, without doing anything, the link is there to activate it.

Make sure you're logged out, then re-visit and click the link for card activation.

No login necessary.

Tuesday, May 15, 2012

Laser Optical Mouse Not Working Right

Got a laser optical mouse that acts all weird? Check it for a hair stuck in front of the diodes. I know this seems obvious to look for obstructions, but this mouse has a sort of double diode arrangement and the hair was white.

It was hard to distinguish from the white reflections on the glass diodes.

Further, it was mostly inside the case and stuck out across the diodes, so it wasn't immediately obvious. It took some tweezers and some wrangling to get out.

Monday, May 14, 2012

My Workout Weights

I use Platemates and Powerblocks. This is a great combo because the large flat metal area on the Powerblocks is perfect for Platemates. You can fit multiple Platemates on a Powerblock for microadjusting your weight training.

It's also a very quick change for programs like P90X that go quickly from one exercise to another and you need to switch to a different weight.

You will not be disappointed, I've used Platemates for years, and Powerblocks for a few months now.

I'm very happy with both products.

(Be patient, there's an Amazon widget loading with this post so you can see the weights.)
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