Thursday, September 17, 2020

VirtualBox and Windows 10 Unidentified Network "FIXED" (Mac Pro Desktop)

First off, I'm losing my job in 2 weeks as my company goes away. Thanks #Covid.

So PLEASE if you want to help me, drop $1 in my coffee can:

Here's all I did to 'fix' it: select en1. i.e.: Try the other Ethernet port in the menu on the (OS X Version) Oracle VM Virtualbox Machine under settings for the Windows 10 VM that's having the issue.

I forgot I had switched to the other physical Ethernet port on my Mac Pro. (Mac Pros have two Ethernet ports built in.)

Duh. So the VM was bridged to the disconnected Ethernet port. I originally had it set up on en0 and hadn't run it in a while...don't even remember why I switched it...troubleshooting some other thing IIRC.

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