Wednesday, September 19, 2007

Dying to Play

I'm not sure how to approach this one, but it's not a new occurrence. Another young Chinese gamer has died from an Internet gaming binge. I could make a socio-political statement or just say how it's just sad.

You wonder if it's because the Chinese are repressed to however much degree and just want to escape into whatever other sort of reality they can, virtual or otherwise.

Or is it because of some other reason?

I too once was held in thrall by the addiction known as Everquest, and before that, Ultima Online, but 4 days, yikes. Didn't anyone say 'Go home and take a shower and get a nap'? Even if no one was concerned for this guy's health, seems like someone would say something after a couple of days.

I expect some sort of governmental crackdown, but I'd hate to see that happen. If you wanna game for 4 days, so be it. The cafes should self-police this one.

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