Friday, January 18, 2019

Screen Sharing Between Classic Mac and OS X

This is a work in progress, but I've found what I *THINK* is going to be about the best method:

Setup Sheepshaver on OS X, and install Timbuktu Pro on that virtual machine, and also on your real PowerMac hardware or what have you.

I was lucky to get a CD of Timbuktu and Manual on Ebay for $9!

Please don't pirate if you can avoid it, although in this case, actual copies can be expensive and the company doesn't sell it any more so it's tricky. :)

One thing that threw me for a second: I had 7.5.5 installed on Sheepshaver and the Timbuktu installer complained that I needed 7.5...just tell it the correct drive that 7.5.5 is on in the dropdown. :)

Please use this link to search for Timbuktu Pro on Ebay, we get a little commission, which is why I write these articles and it helps me pay for the stuff I write about:

Here's an Amazon search link:

And if you're really nice, book mark this page: that has an Amazon Search box. If you start your shopping trips there, I get a little check from whatever you buy.

Misc Notes:

VNC Server on Mac OS 9 doesn't work very well. Kinda gave up.
Netpresenz for FTPingon Mac OS 9 works ok but for some reason doesn't like .sea.bin files, I think it's trying to extract on the MAc for some reason but fails processing the .sea part. .smi.bin and other files work fine. these reasons are why I'm trying Timbuktu Pro.

More to come on this subject! Will update as it progresses.

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