Tuesday, June 08, 2010

Here's Your Sign

So I'm waiting at the front of the plane, in flight, to go to the lavatory. There's a person at the back in the aisle that just came out, and I thought I saw someone go in, but the light that comes on when someone is in it isn't lit.

It's the one with a toilet and a person and a red line across it. (What a mystery!)

It's bright, about fist sized and there's one on the front and back of the plane. (TWO lights for one lav.)

So I go back, and the latch isn't even partially latched, so ok, looks clear right?

I partially open the door, see a lady in there, and shut the door. No harm no fowl, she was still standing up.

So I lock the door for her. (I'm not going to tell you how to do this from the outside so don't ask.)

Here comes someone else down the aisle, probably wondering what those mystery lights about the size of a beer coaster with the red line, person and toilet means.

I silently point to the 'OCCUPIED' sign that's in half inch letters next to the LATCH.

I wait in the seat next to the door and a few minutes later I hear a rattle. Rattle Rattle. Rattle Rattle Rattle. She can't figure out how to get out of the bathroom. So I reach over and work the secret unlatch.

She comes out and I go in.

No doubt to tell her fully grown daughter about how the automatic lav latching lock doesn't work. Doesn't lock when it should, takes too long to unlock.

Ah well, at least the daughter was comfortable. She looked all relaxed when she stood up barefoot in the aisle to let mom back in her seat.

Wonder if she had them on when she went to the bathroom to check out the autolocker?
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