Saturday, January 29, 2011

Adobe Digital Editions for Mac Doesn't see Sony eReaders like the PRS 300

Because I forgot this, and it's a bit of a bother. As of this writing, "ADE" still doesn't recognize that you have a Sony eReader attached. I have the Pocket Reader also known as the PRS-300. /SC for 'silver color'.

Simply, you have to use Sony's Reader Library to import a file, then copy it to your reader AFTER you downloaded it using Adobe Digital Editions. For example, a library book.

On the Mac, the file you want to import to Reader Library is probably in /homefolder/Documents/Digital Editions unless you told it somewhere else.

On the other hand, ADE sees and works with my nook just fine.

Egypt Cuts off Internet, Provides Tor Relay 814661C411CF705DB350FCF0FA7C77615ED78F12

Anonymous Tor relay, until such time as Egypt is back online.

Friday, January 28, 2011

Bed Bath and Beyond Printable Coupon 20% off One Item

Need one fast?

Sign up for their email here and it will be in your inbox in a minute.

A few things it doesn't work on , but just a few high end brands and some misc stuff.

Note the date and time on this post. I received a postcard in the US Mail around the first week of December, 2010 with this offer.

Consider throwing some change my way via the Paypal donate button on the right, scroll down to find it.

I probably saved you a bunch of bucks and time just now, right? :)

Cheap Catnip Cat Toy

I'm sure someone will pipe with how this is bad for cats, but here's a cheap catnip toy. Snowball is just going to tear it up anyway.

You will need:

Old sock (preferably clean, but as we all know, cats love dirty socks.)

Simply, just put a golf ball sized amount of catnip in the toe, and tie the sock tightly in a knot just above that.

My cats have never failed to enjoy it until its hasty and inevitable destruction. We had one cat that would lick at it until it turned green from the catnip getting wet and soaking the sock while alternately rubbing it on her head.

The stupid dog also ate part of the last one.

Take this opportunity to show your kids why drugs are bad. They will make you rub old socks on your head.

Then we'll find you in the neighbor's bushes with your head on a rock because you thought it was a pillow.

There be Woodpeckers here!

Just getting the nest started for spring I suppose. Wish I had a better camera. If he's still there later, will get the ole DV camcorder out, since it has a real zoom and all.

He was in the leafless tree in the middle of this map.

View Larger Map

Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Control iTunes with your Android Phone or Device

My Setup:
mytouch 4G with Android 2.2.1
Mac OS X 10.5.8
iTunes 10.1.1 (4)
Mac is on the wired network ports on my router with Android mytouch on the Wifi access point

Download TunesRemote+ from the Android Market.

Go into iTunes and select Preferences-Sharing, then enable 'Share my Library on My Local Network', 'Share entire Library', and 'Require Password'.

Put a 4 digit number in the password box. Remember it.

Open TunesRemote+ on your Android device and add your library.

If it doesn't find your library automatically, do a manual add and put in the IP of your computer and in the box under that, put in the 4 digit password. (Open System Preferences, then Network, then it's probably something like '192.168.0.xx' or '192.168.1.xx'.)

In iTunes, 'Android Remote' should appear on the left. Select it. Put in the 4 digit password.


Monday, January 24, 2011

Bud Light Soundboard

Want those great 'Here's to you Mr. xxx' Bud Light sounds playable on your Android phone? Search for Bud Light Soundboard in the Android market on your device.

I find it somewhat curious that there are THREE airline related ones. Does anyone get skewered more? It even mentions Houston.

Too bad I'm not paranoid, or it'd be even more fun.

No More Excuses: A 10 Minute EFFECTIVE Workout

No more excuses!

Don't have time for P90X style results? Try this one. *10 Minutes*. Granted, it's going to be intense, but now you can't claim you don't have time any more.

Got a little more time? Do more than one workout; do two or three of the different workouts.

"I don't have time" has got to be the #1 excuse I hear. Well, no more. What you really mean is: "I don't want to" in some capacity. If that's what you mean, we can't help you. But if you really want an effective workout, and you really don't have the time, here's your program.

I'll bet that after you get in the fitness habit, you'll decide to do more than 10 anyway.

EVERYONE'S got ten minutes. Use it wisely.
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