Saturday, April 25, 2009

Flying Prayer

An original ode to the flying business:

O great oracle of airport hangers-on and vaporous job postings, call forth your son from his lonely wandering in foreign lands such as 'engineering'.

I wish to once again tread the azure sea-sky on a horse of fire and metal, or maybe metal and a spinny double sword thing even.

Hear my prayer and let me return to your service, poverty and pain filled as it may be, so that I may do wondrous things and see bountiful visions. Perhaps a warm FBO cookie or two.

So say we all!

Friday, April 24, 2009

Not a popular movie?

Apparently the 610p showing of 'Race to Witch Mountain' isn't that

This picture was taken at 6p.

My money is still on someone showing up late. Probably an under-
chaperoned group of talky kids.

That's ok, I'm going to leave my cell phone on with a really obnoxious

Like something from Hannah Montana. Maybe we *should* have seen that.

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