Friday, November 02, 2007


I bought some Christmas cards for the squadron members (well, ok, I bought a box of 16 cards) who want to send them to recovering troops at Walter Reed Army Hospital. Cost for the cards: $9.56

The message on the card:

"With God all things are possible" (Matthew 19:26)

When I stepped out of the car an hour later at my hotel, guess what was on the ground beside the car? Like 1 foot from it.

A ten dollar bill.

God says "Thanks, and here's your change."

Thursday, November 01, 2007

Genie Excelerator / GIFTD-1BL Garage opener issues

Welcome Googlers, hopefully this will help:

I bought the above model GIFTD-1BL 1 button compact remote with built in flashlight and the instructions didn't work. Here's the errata:

1. I don't have a radio signal indicator on my Excelerator garage door opener. The button is there, but no LED. Just holes where it would be on the circuit board. Maybe it fell out from the vibration. 6 year old home, built in 2000. Just hit the Learn button on the opener and click the remote a few times. Worked for me.

2. The manual says 315Mhz for every day use. I had to set mine to 390Mhz for it to work at all.

Wednesday, October 31, 2007

Haunted Golf Course Ride!

This was a BUH-LAST! Me and Kimberly rode a bit of the the Sienna Golf Course cart path for speed on Halloween night. View the interactive map below. Too much fun. We saw a family of deer (two adults and a baby) and an orange cat run into the bushes. No rabbits but I plan to try this again. The electric bike isn't disturbing anyone or hurting anything. Good urban exploration.

View Larger Map

Zoom in on the map to see the route we took.

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Ebates sends you a small 'rebate' automatically when you reach $5 (IIRC) of cash back. I've saved over $100 since I've joined with them.

Happy Halloween!

It's that time of year, and the decorations are out. Giant 3ft inflatable skull: check. Color changing crystal ball with mist bubbling inside and overflowing the monster hand bowl: check. Fake tombstone and light up skeleton parts: check. Smoke generator: check. Strobe with lightning sound effect: check.

Candy: we ate a lot of the good stuff, but, mostly: check.

Can't wait for the post Hallows Eve sale. I've got my eye on the Zoltan talking head in a case prop. Should be on sale at Garden Ridge. I'm not paying $50 for a plastic talking head.

So, good luck and remember: the kids will be asleep soon and you can raid their bags for the less memorable candy.
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