Saturday, July 22, 2006

Fertilizer International

'Worldwide B.S.' was the working title for this publication, but it didn't pass the panel test. The fertilizer convention was here in the hotel at the same time having a banquet during lunch. And they proved to me that there is a magazine for everything. You can subscribe online at Insert joke about the Brits and poop here. In a sense, I suppose I'm sort of a vendor of fertilizer myself. No, I meant I have a fertile imagination. Speaking of B.S. though, read on...

Cow Seeds

My daughter has been into growing things and these were just too good to pass up. She'll shut me down if I try to tell her they're really cow seeds so I'll have to get Momma to play along. They even look like a cow seed might look. See, I told you the fertilizer segue would work.

Jonathan Coulton, nerd folker

Careful you don't say it with a Scottish accent. 'But these Fokkers were flying Messerschmitts.' I digress. Check out this guy's work. I particularly like Millionaire Girlfriend. A sound financial plan is important. Trust me and listen all the way through it.

Friday, July 21, 2006


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I wonder about Lurlene. Does she live here? What's her story? Was she bound for success in some fashion then got hung up somehow? Maybe she's a neurosurgeon from L.A. Does she really need 3 cigarettes for breakfast? Is she the Diane to some Jack outside the Tastee Freeze? The sausage, egg, and cheese were available for $3.85. The electrical outlet on the ceiling had far too many things plugged in to it. The ceiling tiles had been painted over to hide their true condition. And mommas of any social strat should not send their kid to the car for their Marlboro 100's. It's just not Kool.


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The bank in a small town in Arkansas had this name for their 24 hour banking service. Who came up with that? Gomer Pyle? Shazaaaam! 'Zippity qwik' might have been better. I hope DC Comics' lawyers don't get wind of this. On the plus side, their ATM fee was 80 cents! I haven't seen much below about $1.50 in a long time. Too bad the gas prices didn't match. 88 degrees by about 10AM. I thought it was supposed to be cool in the mountains in Arkansas. I guess 700 feet above sea level doesn't count as a 'mountain' per se.

Baby Squid and seaweed salad!

Yummier than you'd think. It's not very fishy and seaweedy. Yokonyu Sushi Bar in downtown San Antonio. Sushi and all was good, but not a great bargain for the price. Very clean trendy and a good place to People Watch. Look, it's Pippi Gothstocking! (Goth-y chick with long red braids and leather calf high boots.)

Thursday, July 20, 2006

A Formidable Opponent

We had a great lecture today about the opponents facing us in Iraq, and possibly China, Iran, etc. I started thinking about an opponent right here at home that attacks us daily on many fronts: emotional, physical, financial, and mental. They are insidious, devious, devisive, and work from the inside. We have a strong relationship with them that America seems to tolerate without debate. No one seems to be able to do much about it. That's right, I'm talking about children.

Wednesday, July 19, 2006

CompUSA to the Rescue

Well, there I was, stuck in San Antonio facing the concept of paying for internet access at $9.99 a day in the hotel, even though I can use my phone to connect. And it's 3G high speed cellular data here! Why couldn't I use my phone? No Bluetooth adapter, because yours truly had left it in Oklahoma City. Dope. So, I call CompUSA to check prices, knowing they offer good rebates from time to time and I'll just leave this one in the laptop bag. The guy sees one for $9.99 but it's showing as out of stock on the computer. So, I head up to see if the computer is wrong, and if they can offer a comparable product. We can't even find the supposed $9.99 one in the computer. Long story short, Fransisco Torres, the General Sales Manager helps me out by offering me one for $15 with no rebate. Deal! And yeah, I told him I'd mention him here. So now you're famous. 'Preciate it brother. Turns out, this appears to be a Toshiba product repackaged, as that's what the software says. Normally $30, SKU at CompUSA is 334223. Thanks again Fransisco! Now on with the show. It's late at night, so I'll try my best to get the really good stuff on tomorrow.
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