Tuesday, May 14, 2013

Dell Latitude 10 Tabet Driver issues

Found a couple of fixes. Remember how much hell Windows is while the Mac just works?

Well, here are a few.

As a tablet, great hardware. With Windows 8 Pro, it has a lot of promise in flexibility.

Now if Dell/Intel/Microsoft would make it just work.

1. To get my (old school but still very decent) Think Outside Stowaway Travel mouse working I had to put it in pairing mode, start the pairing, and before it went out of pairing mode, go to Control Panel - Hardware and Sound - Devices and Printers.

Right click the mouse. Select Properties. Then on the Services tab, make sure 'Drivers for Keyboard, mice, etc.' is selected.

Then, my mouse worked.

Brilliant right? Like I don't want Windows 8 to load my mouse driver when I pair a mouse? Why do I have to figure that out? And I don't even know how I did except long persistence of looking at the issue.

Now, I had the Bluetooth Keyboard quit working on me once. To fix that...

Open Device Manager. Expand 'Bluetooth' by clicking the arrow or double clicking it. Right click on 'Bluetooth Radio' and then the Power Management tab. Deselect and reselect 'Allow the computer to turn off this device to save power'.

I haven't decided to leave this disabled or not. Will try to report back. Obviously it's going to use more power if I don't let the computer turn it off, but having my devices stop working is no bueno.

See my other woes with Dell Customer service at:


Now if I can just get tethering working with my cell phone. It works fine with my Mac of course, and every other hotspot appears to work with the tablet. Sigh.

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