Wednesday, October 01, 2014

LifeCharge Juicy Packs Mini-Review

I have the 10,400 mAH hour one.

It has never run out on me, and the fast charge port is just that. I can use my phone with a lot of surfing and it has plenty of power to run the phone and increase the charge at the same time.

This should charge most phones 4-6 times and an iPad 4 about once, which as you know, is a LOT of battery.

In short, it should allow you to use your devices 1-3 days even under heavy use, if they are full to start.

There are higher capacities, see page two of the widget.

For most people, you will never see this pack run out of power.

The only caveat I noticed is some chargers (like a make the onboard guage on this show full, and others will show a dot charging.

Higher capacity chargers seem to work better than low, like a USB port charge. Plus, a USB port would take over 20 hours to fill it from empty.

That's how big this battery is!

I take mine all over: flights, camping, you name it.

Bonus: it has a dual white LED flashlight onboard.

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