Wednesday, November 11, 2015

Does the JBL Radial iPod plastic dock-adapter insert fit the JBL Onstage 200iD and vice versa?

Yes, they interchange.

I know these are old speakers, but I got one for $3. The JBL Radial! That was a $300 speaker when it came out, and it certainly still sounds like it.

What surprised me: it sounds better than my Bose Soundlink II. One reason is the 30W subwoofer.

The power supply is about twice the size of the Bose's.

There's no question the bass blows away the Bose.

The Radial has an AUX input so who cares if you don't have an old school iPod any more?

And I recommend hanging on to your Classic iPods. It's still a great and widely supported accessory.

My wife's 2015 BMW i3 still happily recognizes an iPod, and even does voice search. She's got a 30 gig iPod classic that cost me $25.

I recommend this accessory to turn any old iPod dock into a Bluetooth speaker:

The Smart bean also turns standard heapdhones into hands-free since it has a mic built in. Charges using standard micro USB and the battery lasts forever.

Buy one here and support theroblog:

I own two!

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