Tuesday, January 17, 2017

Free Vimeo Service STINKS. Especially if you're poor. Your video will be held at gunpoint.

I uploaded a demo reel.

I decided to REPLACE that with a smaller version.

Vimeo showed at the top of the page I was close to my STORAGE limit.

But what they really mean is an upload limit.

So, after I uploaded this MUCH SMALLER video, my original video was no longer viewable. You either get an error message showing the page is unavailable or an error about your upload allowance.

Even though it shows in 'Your Videos' on your account.

That's right, every potential casting director just skipped me for the next actor since my reel got taken offline.

So, to get more UPLOAD bandwidth (NOT STORAGE) I had to pay $9.95 for a month. Which they hide in the fine print. They want you to pay $60 for a year but you CAN buy just one month.

But I wouldn't. Just use Dailymotion probably.

Don't be like me and have your video held at gunpoint due to some fine print.
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